Roll Off Containers for Hoarder clean-up

hoarding-houseMore and more we hear news stories about hoarders. I think there are even reality TV shows about it – though I haven’t watched program TV in 30 some years. So, what is hoarding and what does it mean for the survivors of hoarders?

Hoarding is a compulsive mental disorder where people acquire too many items, have difficulty getting rid of the items and extreme issues with prioritizing and organizing. There are few statistics about hoarding because hoarders generally don’t look for or accept help. It can start in the teen years or be trigger by a Traumatic Brain Injury or other mental disorder.

Whatever the reason, it is not the hoarder who suffers as much as whoever comes in after to do the clean up! There have been stories about hoarders buried alive or hoarders getting sick and elderly and moved to an Assisted Living home and now it is taking a dozen people and 8 dumpsters to clean out just the first floor.

To hire a professional service to clean out the clutter can cost anywhere from $5,000 to $20,000 and on up. Sometimes valuables are found to help off-set the cost but more times than not it’s just a massive clean-up. In some cases hoarders see their collected items as keepsakes and heirlooms to be passed on to their children. But in reality, the children don’t want this stuff. It is mostly junk and the benefactors end up walking away.

But some survivors can’t just walk away. They feel attached to the items collected and a need to go through them, to make sure there isn’t a keepsake or item of value, even as daunting as that process might be.

If you chose to hire a service to help with clean-up make sure they are reputable and are willing to work with a family member. Find out if they have the resources to clean up hazardous waste.

If you chose to tackle this massive undertaking of clean up and are in or around Marietta, GA contact R &R Container Service for prices and advice on hauling, sorting and donating the items.