Safety is the top priority at R & R Container – and why we are #1 in Marietta, Ga!

cropped-header_new.jpgR & R’s entire team, from their drivers to their office crew, are all committed to safe operating practices. They are out in the community every day and they understand how important it is to have well-trained employees who are practiced in the latest safety techniques with the most up-to-date equipment.

Below are some tips for both residential and commercial customers to help R & R ensure safe and efficient trash collection.

Keep the area around the roll-containers clear and clean.

R & R container drivers must have clear and safe access to the roll-off container at all times. Unfortunately, the city and private snow removal companies tend to pile snow in front of and around containers during those few times Georgia sees snow. When this happens it makes it difficult for the R & R drivers to get close enough for pick-up of a rental or to replace a full container with an empty one.

If you are a business, please make sure delivery trucks and employees don’t park in such a way that access to the container is blocked. You don’t want to get stuck having to pay extra rental fees or worse yet, have a full container and not be able to get an empty one for a few days because R & R couldn’t make the scheduled pick-up.

Keep from overloading your roll-off container.

Overloaded roll-off containers are a hazard to the environment and to the R & R drivers. Containers with trash sticking out of the top or hanging over the sides can result in scattered trash and possible injury or accidents. R & R is not responsible for picking up trash scattered on the ground.

Break down large or bulky trash.

Large bulky items can take up a lot of space, which may mean you don’t have as much room for the rest of the trash. Ask employees to break down bigger items as much as possible to help reduce wasted container space. R & R wants their customers to get their money worth.

Watch the Weight of items.

R & R has a limit as to the weight their trucks can pick-up. Materials such as dirt, bricks, asphalt, rocks shingles or steel can add up quickly in the weight department. Ask R & R how to best dispose of such items before they are loaded into the roll-off container.

Make sure R & R doesn’t get locked out

If your roll-off container is in a secured area, please unlock any gates the night before your scheduled pickup. Or, if you prefer, please provide R & R with a key to any locked gates. This will eliminate the need for you to remember to unlock the gate, leave an area unsecured for several hours or worse, forget to unlock the area and then have to reschedule a pick-up.

Be aware of what can cause hazardous waste fires.

Take all precaution when placing hazardous waste in a roll-off container and let R & R know before they pick-up the container. Trucks have been destroyed by fires because a customer placed flammable or hazardous materials in the container – be especially careful in the summer months when temperatures soar into the 100s.

For questions or comments please fee free to contact R & R Container Services at 770-975-9554.