Being Savvy about Roll-Off Containers and where to find the best deal in Acworth, GA.


Most people who need a roll-off container in the Acworth area are landlords and homeowners looking to remodel their property or contractors in need of hauling construction debris. In short, anyone who is accumulating large piles of trash or clutter that they don’t want to leave in the middle of their yard that would eventually cause disgruntled neighbors. It’s a simple process and convenient. You pick up the phone and schedule a rental container. As soon as it has been dropped off, fill it up with whatever needs to be hauled away then call the rental company, who will promptly remove the container from your property. Hurray, all your junk is gone and hassle free.

Roll off containers are different than the typical dumpsters you see around the Acworth area. Those dumpsters stay in one place. Roll offs are open topped and have wheels, making them awesome for temporary jobs. They are easily moved into place. You can move them around for multiple piles or leave it in one spot.

Roll-off containers come in two sizes.

 12 cubic yard container: 14 feet wide, 8 feet long and 3 feet tall
 15 cubic yard container: 14 feet wide, 8 feet long and 4 feet tall

The 12 cubic yard container will work well for something like a basement or garage clean out or a small project like a porch roof or single room renovation. For bigger jobs like the whole roof or new siding you would need the bigger container.

When you schedule a roll-off container in Acworth, you won’t have to worry about picking it up or returning it. It will be delivered by a truck that is specially designed for this job. The truck is outfitted with hydraulic equipment which can easily lift and lower the container without damaging driveways or yards. The drivers are licensed and professionally trained.

R & R Container has affordable prices are based on your needs. If there is not enough debris to fill their 15 cubic yard container, they will charge you for only as much as you fill it.

Call R & R Container Service for more information at 770-975-9554. They are proud to offer services in the Acworth, GA area.