Selling Your Home in Acworth GA. Let’s put our best foot forward.

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As a seller in Acworth Ga, your best ace-in-the-hole is curb appeal. One of the first things a buyer will see is the outside of your house or property. Make the first impression count so that house hunters want to continue their tour.

If your property is already on the market but you’re not getting the traffic you’d like or if you’re just listing your home and want to stand out from other options in your area, think about these exterior home updates to help attract more potential buyers and improve the resale value of your property.

The Yard

Unless you are in the middle of the city, you will have some type of landscaping or yard. Remember, more than 90% of people looking to buy a home do an online search, viewing pictures of the property. If your house is beautifully landscaped, tidy and eye catching you will definitely rate a second glance.
House paint

The color of your house can make or break a sale. If you want to add value to your home think about a fresh coat of paint. A new paint job can cost around a $1000.00 but the return on the investment is usually about 90%. If this is not in your budget, rent a pressure washer and spend a weekend washing off any mold or dirt and touching up the paint, especially the paint around the window sills and doors.

The front door

The door to your home says a lot about the state of the property. A good quality front door will stand out in pictures as well as appeal to any buyers doing a drive-by. If it’s in your budget to replace your front door invest in fiberglass or wood. Either option has a high-end look and feel and will help boost the home’s resale. Or if you’re looking for a less expensive fix, replace the hardware and put on a new coat of paint. Do a search to find the current year’s trending colors.


If your windows are single-paned, have broken seals or broken panes you might want to update to the latest model. Newer windows are now designed to be energy efficient which can save homeowners money in the long run and add resale value to the property. Potential buyers will jump all over that!

Overall clean up

Lastly, if you have an old swing set, a broken riding mower, a rusting grill or other clutter around the house or yard, clean it up. It’ll make the yard look bigger. Add some bright colored flowers and a fresh coat of paint to the mailbox and buyers will be streaming through your house ohing and ahing.

Once you are done sprucing up the property to get it ready for sale call R & R Container Service to haul away the old windows, the yard debris and anything else unwanted so that your house can put it best foot forward.