Designing the Perfect She Shed in Acworth, GA

she shed

I’ve heard the expression “man cave”, a place where men drink and eat too much and hang everything from fish mounts to girlie calendars on the walls. Last week I found the Yin to this Yang – the she shed. A place of relaxation and comfort where a woman can go to read a book or share a glass of wine with a bestie. Sound interesting? Read on…

The internet abounds with ideas for design and decorating she sheds. Do some research to find what truly appeals to your taste and style. A trendy design is the greenhouse effect with wall to wall windows and skylights. Another look is rustic, with less windows and a simple stained, wood interior.

Whatever you decide, let your she shed be all yours.

If you already have an existing shed that just needs cleaning out, rent a roll-off container to help you cart away the clutter and junk. If you have to build a shed there are a couple of different options.

Most home improvement stores have pre-fab sheds that they will deliver and install for you. Or you can order a ready-made kit online and ensemble it yourself. Of course, if you are Handy-Andy you can truck down to the local lumber store and buys what you need to build the she shed from scratch. Lowes has a simple video to help you build your own shed.

If you are building a new structure you might want to check with the county about permits or restrictions. My husband’s theory is to do first and ask forgiveness later, but I am more of a worrier and want to know ahead of time the dos and don’ts.

Next, get out the paint brush and paint. Whether you’re freshening up an existing structure or you’ve just finished putting in the last screw from a kit, you’ll want the space to have a fresh coat of paint. A lot of she sheds are painted all white to help illuminate the small area but there is no law written to say you can’t pick any color, design or texture that suits your fancy.

With the fresh paint drying, it’s time to furniture shopping. What are you going to use your she shed for? This will help you decide the furniture you will need. Is this going to be your reading room? If so you will need a comfy chair and lots of shelves. Or a place to hang with girlfriends? In that case you will need a few comfy chairs and a coffee table. Maybe, you want to use it as an office? Look for a small desk that will fit by a window.

Next step? Enjoy. You’ve worked hard to make the perfect she shed. Now it is time to sit back, relax and enjoy a good book or glass of wine. Oops, don’t forget to schedule pick up for the roll-off container at 770-975-9554! After all, you don’t want it blocking the view from your lovely new window.