The pay-off is in the trash – how Georgia is turning recyclables into money

R & R Roll off dumpster

Even with all the recyclable centers and easy made trash separation pick-ups, tons of plastics, cans and bottles get taken to landfills every year. But now, several groups in Georgia are tackling the recycling issue. Why, because recycling isn’t just a worthy cause it profitable economic concept being embraced by households as well as businesses across the state.

In fact, Georgia now has the second largest framework for recyclables in the nation.

There are about 135 businesses who use recycled materials in their products. Atlanta, with its Sustainable Atlanta and EcoDistrist program, is on the fast track to becoming a zero waste city.

Did you know that about 42% of everything you throw away is considered recyclable? Studies show that Georgia residents are spending about $100 million dollars a year to throw away $300 million dollars’ worth of recyclables.

Atlanta Mayor’s goal is to reduce waste to landfills by 90 percent by 2020. To encourage this – the city teamed up with the non-profit Curbside Value Partnership for the “Cartlanta Campaign”. Over 60,000 households received a 96-gallon recycling cart to replace the 18-gallon can. Recycling has already increased from about 1,080 tons to almost 1,500 tons – a 55 percent increase that generated $28,000 in revenue.

We can all do our part to recycle. If you were not part of the “Cartlanta Campaign” you can contact a container service to have a roll off dumpster delivered to your door. Have a block party to collect recyclables from everyone in the neighborhood.

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