The top 5 reasons people rent a roll-off container in Marietta, GA.

metal orange container filled with wood timber rubbleThe next time you are driving around town see if you can count the number of trash containers. Now, stop and think about what is in each one – besides your run of the mill household trash like unwanted food, junk mail and empty milk jugs. Actually, there are several reasons why a person would need a roll-off container. Check out our top 5.

Yard clippings and storm debris

With spring just around the corner one of the largest requests R & R receives is containers for yard clippings. The warmer weather just invites people to get their yards in shape before summer. Winter and early spring are notorious for heavy storms which means lots of yard waste from fallen trees, limbs, pine straw and old leaves. Roll-off containers are an easy solution when you have more than your curbside pickup will allow.

Construction debris

Normally, the construction company responsible for the renovation will provide a roll-off container but it’s not uncommon for regular folks, who do their own remodeling, to rent a roll-off container to carry away the waste materials. Be careful, with concrete. That can fill up a dumpster very quickly! But roll-off containers are perfect for roofing materials, dry wall, unwanted lumber and old, cracked tiles.

Spring cleaning

Whether you chose to de-clutter the whole house or just a basement or attic it’s time to call for a roll-off container – especially if you are a hoarder! If you are a real estate broker or property management agency you might need to rent a container to clean out a house so that you can flip it or put it on the market. R & R gets calls from people whose family members have passed and they need to clean out their belongings. If you’ve been in an area with flooding it might be time to go through all those basement boxes. Don’t let things mold!


Most people try to get rid of as much stuff as possible before they relocate. No one wants to spend the extra money to move items they haven’t used in years. It’s time for a fresh start, all the way around. Plan a yard sale and have a roll-off container on property so things that don’t sell can go right into the container along with all those magazines, old clothes and broken electronics that have been taking up space in your basement or garage for the last 20 years.

Commercial Waste

One of our biggest fans are the local businesses in the Marietta and surrounding areas. Businesses need a dumpster for any of the above reason or it may need one simply for all their daily operations. It’s not uncommon for a business to host an event for a charity or themselves to raise money. Having a roll-off container on hand for all the cups, balloons and food trash is a very good idea.

So, the next time you are driving around town think about those roll-off containers and what they might hold inside. And for all your container services call 770-975-9554 or visit R & R Container Service‘s website.