With the weather warming and spring cleaning out of the way, it’s game on for weekend-warrioring our ways to high style home makeovers!

Our homes are extensions of who we are. They express our personalities. Our homes are also where our friends and loved ones come to relax, to be entertained, or they are our safe oasis where we can slow down from the rat race & recharge our batteries. It makes sense then that improvements, additions, renovations, & grand designs are never finished. We are busy creatures by nature and inspiration abounds where our dwellings are concerned.

So in the spirit of  inspiration, here are a few super simple projects to get the juices flowing:

•   Chic Curtain Rods Take anything resembling a straight line and throw it up on the wall. Seriously. I know you think I’m talking craziness, but check out these off the hook ideas the guys at BobVila.com came up with!

•   One of a Kind Drawer (or Door!) Knobs Make opening and closing things a one of a kind experience with things you already have around the house, like old toys, bobbins, ribbons, and pretty much anything else you can get your bizzy little re-sourcing hands on!

•    Create Instant Art Noveau Walls in a short afternoon Take any wall and throw a fresh coat of some striking shade of paint on it, and use it as a frame for a collage of your favorite photos and art work.

•    New Kitchen Countertops on a Budget You can have brand new (to you!) countertops for $50-$200.00 and a couple hours of sanding, priming and painting. Best of all, it’s something You Can change up whenever you need a little spiffing up in the kitchen. Or bathroom. Re-deco every other week, month, year….you get the idea!

Sometimes all you need to get the motivational juices flowing is a fresh eye. Try walking into each room as if you were a visiting who has never been in your home before or seen any of your stuff. What do you see? Are there places that can be used for storage? Items that you haven’t really used or noticed were there in a while that you can stick on the curb to make the space bigger or fresher? Are there colors or shapes that don’t make you feel good? Are there areas that you avoid because clutter stresses you out? These are the sorts of things that take maybe just a deep breath and a quick underhand throw out the door, and you’ve got a fresh space just waiting to be lived or entertained in!