Got Trees? …got Leaves??

Because we all know you don’t necessarily need to have a tree on your property to have a yard or driveway full of leaves. After they fall off their trees they are free game. Anybody’s leaves. Just literally depends on which way the wind blows. My leaves, their leaves, your leaves…who’s counting? Maybe that OCD neighbor on the corner with the leaf blower… Anyhoo, whether you’ve got leaves from your own trees or a nice collection from someone else’s (guy with the leaf blower, I’m lookin at you) there comes a point in every person’s fall season when the sleeves get pulled up & the rake gets dusted off & you spend a nice afternoon gathering all those kamikaze leaves into a nice neat pile. Then you leave it there because who wants to pick it up today anyway? You know you’ll haul it off after a little break.

Which ends up turning into days.

Every time you leave your driveway you look at it & tell yourself you need to take care of that when you get home. And then at some point during the day the guy with the leaf blower comes along & helps you redistribute it all over your lawn. Because you had so much fun raking it up the first time.

Thanks leaf blower guy. What would we do without you.

My point here is that there’s an easier way to go about this whole process without all the anxiety & time wasting shenanigans. Last year when happy leaf raking season began I rented a roll off container. These guys brought a big old container & parked it & picked it up when my leafy friends were all deposited safely & neatly inside. They only charged me for the amount of debris I needed hauled & I ended up having extra room in my container. My neighbors, my fellow rakers, had been scoping out how easy it was to just put the debris in the container & be done with clean up. In the end we all chipped in a little & all got to be done with it that day! No more blowing leaves back into my clean yard. I didn’t have to worry about where to take those bags of leaves or how I was going to haul them. And leaf blower guy had to find some other form of amusement. Worth it.


These guys came & picked up the full container. Problem solved. In my experience it is well worth the coin to not have to deal with all the drawn out hassle of the fall haul & clean up. And it was way more affordable than I first thought. I highly recommend taking a looksie into it. They had lots of different size options too. Do like we did & get a bunch of neighbors together & have a clean up party! Where no one has to clean up when it’s over. Haha. Yeah you can just toss all that in there too. Cheers.