How much trash are you throwing away? What is it?

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We all make trash every day. We throw it in the trash can. Then someone takes the trash out. Then one day a week, a large, loud truck comes to get it. These trucks, as I refer to as “overheads” pick up the bins and dump them into a compactor, set the bins back down and leave. This regular trash service is mainly for the purpose of everyday trash. You probably pay a “refuse” bill, my bill is part of my water bill.

Then there are times that you have more trash than will fit into your bin. Like Christmas time… or spring cleaning… or fall cleaning… or

“I’m feeling ambitious and I’m tired of climbing through the garage” cleaning.

Sometimes you can cram all this stuff into your bin and sometimes you can’t.

So then come the “roll off containers” (aka dumpster, can, box.) these are to haul trash from household or yard clean-up or remodeling and construction level projects. Sometimes one will due and sometime you’ll need many. The reason is it called a roll off is because the container is rolled onto the truck and rolled off.  Larger containers are used for larger jobs and smaller containers are used for smaller jobs and the disposal or recycling of dirt, concrete, asphalt and other aggregate.

Here is a list of tips in regards to dumpster sizes. (courtesy of

  • One cubic yard equals 1 yard wide x 1 yard long x 1 yard high. A 6′ dumpster will hold 6 cubic yards.
  • A 72″ couch will take up 1/3 of a 6 cubic yard container.
  • A twin mattress will take up 1/4 of a 6 cubic yard container.
  • A 10 yard dumpster will hold 5 to 10 tons, depending on materials.
  • 12 and 20 cubic yard dumpsters are the most popular rentals and accommodate small to medium residential projects.
  • 30 cubic yard dumpsters are ideal for major home renovations and demolition.

The list of restricted items includes:  TVs, refrigerators, paints, solvents, asbestos, liquids, and other chemicals and toxic materials.

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