Small Dumpster Rentals Make Cleanup Easy

Small Dumpster Rentals Make Cleanup Easy

Small Dumpster Rentals Make Cleanup Easy

There are so many reasons your yard might need a good cleanup! Sometimes it’s just been too long and things have gotten a little wild. Or, a natural disaster could speed that process up tenfold! Additionally, landscaping projects are one of the most common things to leave a mess of a yard. There’s no shortage of mess-making in this life, but how can a small dumpster rental help you?

First, much of the mess left in a yard after any of these circumstances is too large to be lawn-bagged. Tree branches are the biggest culprit. Literally! It can be a huge hassle to break down fallen limbs into baggable pieces, and the process often leaves them jagged. That’s still a bag-killer! So the branches can’t go into bags. Do you know when your locality’s next brush pickup is? Does yours even have one? And the biggest question, do you really want to wait?

Well What’s The Fix?

With a small dumpster rental, you can clear space with the peace of mind that you can toss in anything you find. And there’s no penalty of filling up your garbage bins 5 days before the collection comes! You can simply focus on clearing your yard of whatever debris and detritus there is that needs disappeared.

Even if your clean up job isn’t huge, don’t let that stop you from making it easy on yourself! With our small dumpster rental, only pay for the space you use! We won’t charge for the empty space. A rental  like this really is as easy as it gets.

If you’re in the Acworth, GA area (plus 15 miles!) and you’re thinking about cleaning up your space, give us a call! We would love to be the ones to make your life that much easier.

Learn more about our small dumpster rentals here!


Organizing for Your New Year’s Resolution

Organizing for Your New Year’s Resolution

Organizing For Your New Year’s Resolution

So you’re committed to a cleaner new year! A good reset is necessary every so often. Out with the old, in with the new, as they say! Well, we at R&R Containers want to support you in organizing for your new year’s resolution.

First, have you thought about logistics? That’s our expertise! Depending on how well you’re able to follow through on a proper clean out, your regular trash service may not be prepared to handle the volume of your resolve. That’s a good thing! You just let us handle that part. For you:

The biggest and most common space in need of these new year’s resolution clean-outs is the garage! When was the last time you got to start from scratch with yours? When you moved in? You’re not alone! We’re here to help!

How To Do a New Year’s Resolution Clean-Out

First, empty that garage! There’s no full reset without a fresh start! Go ahead and get everything out of there, sorting everything into groups as you go. We love a classic Keep, Trash and Sell/Donate system. This is where a roll off dumpster rental starts coming in handy. Instead of a trash pile in and around your overflowing garbage bin, toss it all directly in a dumpster in your driveway!

Second, clean it out! Time to sweep corners and crevices for cobwebs, and remove all that dirt and dust that’s built up! Again, right into your roll off dumpster rental.

Next, consider storage. Look at what’s left, and install any rack or shelving you think would work well.

Lastly, load it back in! A clean garage is a hugely satisfying kickoff to a new year’s resolution. With our dumpsters, you’re done! We’ll come right along and finish that cleanup.

Just contact us to see about roll off dumpster rental prices for the size you think you’ll need!

Georgia Summer Events

Georgia Summer Events

Georgia Summer Events

Whether you’re in Marietta like us, up in Athens at the University of Georgia, or anywhere else in our beautiful state, the summer is a time for being outdoors. We all fill our time with outdoor events, such as the Glover Park concert series, or Georgia Movies In The Park. There’s always something to do, and our time would feel empty without Georgia summer events!

We at R&R Containers know the importance of properly managing an event. Imagine for a moment that you’re out at the park, and there’s a country covers band up on the stage. As your kids run and play, the band wraps up and steps offstage. we’re running smooth, until the speakers start blasting heavy metal! The kids are hollering, covering their ears, and you’re looking for an exit plan, right?

While a Georgia summer event may benefit from music to fill the space between bands, it needs to be the right stuff, and done the right way! Now picture a movie In the park type event. Georgia parks aren’t always set up for a ton of people, and they may simply have some plastic city garbage bins. What happens when a couple hundred people show up? These folks are eating hotdogs, drinking sodas, throwing popcorn around. They’re going to fill up those bins in NO time! And if we get a really strong wind? That popcorn is EVERYWHERE! Just like that, because an event was too successful, or because weather was just a little unexpected, the garbage bins stopped being the right stuff.


Georgia Summer Events Need the Right Stuff

If they had been fully prepared with a roll off dumpster, the event would continue to be a hit! People going out to Georgia summer events shouldn’t need to worry about getting caught in a popcorn tornado. With the right stuff from R&R, you can count on well-contained trash that gets hauled away when everything is done!

Check out our roll off dumpster sizes to see what you’ll need for your next Georgia summer event!


Roll-off Containers Make Moving More Affordable

Roll-off Containers Make Moving More Affordable

Roll-off containers make moving more affordable and easier and who doesn’t want that? Moving can be stressful and expensive. Below are just a few ways a roll-off container can make the process of moving more efficient and easier on your wallet.

Puppy sitting in a cardboard box


There are always renovations to do when getting ready to put your home on the market.  Whether you do them yourself, or hire a contractor, you will probably need a roll-off container to haul away excess materials and construction debris.

R & R Container Services can help.  Their rental company offers roll-off containers ranging from 12 cubic yards to 15 cubic yards. Just let them know where on your property you want the container, and they will be there on time with the size you need. AND you will only be charged for as much as the container is filled.

They also ensure your driveway is protected from scratches and marring.

Downsizing or Decluttering

Ideally, when we move, we should take inventory and decide what is going and what is not so that we don’t spend the time and energy to move something that we only toss when we get to the new home. Sometimes, we do move something and realize after we get settled into the new home it doesn’t fit or “go” with anything. 

Or, what if you show up at your new home to find the old owners left behind furniture, boxes, or junk that they didn’t want to take with them.

No matter what the situation is, a move creates a lot of excess trash, waste, and unneeded items, and there’s nothing worse than having to haul each of these things personally, spending valuable time, gas money, and even landfill fees.

If you are getting ready to move, be proactive. Consider a roll-off container rental company at your current location to haul away excess items and materials before your move or have a roll-off rental container waiting at your new location.

Scheduling a roll-off container with a reliable company can also save you from a last-minute rental that could cost you more money.

Located in Acworth, GA and serving the surrounding areas, R & R Container Services is proud to be a locally and family owned and operated company with customer satisfaction as their first and only priority.

They operate based on honesty, integrity, and prompt, professional service. They gladly offer free, fast estimates and quotes over the phone. Their container rentals are top-notch because of the service and convenience they provide for each customer. Call today to find out what makes them your first and last call for all your waste management, garbage, or refuse hauling needs at (770)-975-9554.

Why Any Business Needs a “Go To” Roll-off Container Service

Why Any Business Needs a “Go To” Roll-off Container Service

Why does any business need a “go to” Roll-off Container Service? Because in today’s world everything comes packaged in boxes, plastic, bubble wrap, Styrofoam, and/or wooden crates. Packing material is only the start of waste products especially if you have a construction or manufacturing business, the waste that needs to be taken to the dump is endless.

When you look for a residential or commercial Roll-off Container Service, there are a number of things to keep in mind.

boxes being delivered from the back of a semi truck.

Things to Consider:

Cost and Reliability

  • The Roll-off Container Rental Service you select should be dependable, offering quick drop-off and pick-up of a dumpster.
  • The service should be considerate of the environment, ensuring all waste materials are disposed of properly.
  • The service should be professional when dropping off containers. Containers should be clean. Containers should be placed for easy access and consideration of concrete or grass surfaces.
  • Look for a Roll-off Container Service who will offer rates based on the type of rental you want and the amount of space you will use in the dumpster. We all want to get the best value for our money.

At R & R Containers Service, they understand your dumpster rental needs. They have been a family owned and operated business since 1999. They have provided their customers with not only sturdy, safe, and convenient container services, but friendly service that keeps them, and their friends, calling back for their next project.

Their Container Services Include:

  • Residential roll-offs
  • 12-15 cubic yard containers
  • Dumpster rentals
  • Rear door entries for carrying heavy refuse or garbage
  • Sits safely on your paved surfaces
  • Quick delivery and pick-up of your container

Contact R & R Container Service today at 770-975-9554, or browse the website for more information about container dimensions and hauling services.




How to Enjoy Fall in the Backyard

How to Enjoy Fall in the Backyard

How to enjoy fall in the backyard because it is just around the corner and for Georgians that means more time spent outside. A backyard is the perfect place to hold outdoor barbeques or to just sit and relax. A backyard is a place where people can spend time together, talk, and share their day.

Here are four Fall backyard ideas to utilize the space and make it more inviting.

How to enjoy fall in the backyard.  Image of a backyard with table, two chairs big green plants and flowers.

Select a Theme

A theme can give you the inspiration needed to design the perfect space.

A theme could be anything such as:

  • Beach
  • Color
  • Modern
  • Rustic
  • Period

A theme is helpful for keeping ideas organized. Remodeling and making improvement can be overwhelming, and a theme helps to minimize stress.

Select the Perfect Seating

If the backyard is going to be the “new” hangout place, select furniture that is comfortable, inviting and can seat everyone in the family. Canopies are great for casting shade when the sun is directly overhead. If you are on a budget, browse local thrift stores and yard sales for tables and chairs. Decorate the seating with pillows that pop with color. Refurbish tables with fun painting patterns or paint a checkerboard to encourage family game night.

Flower Power

Flowers are a source of beauty and can bring vibrant color into your backyard. Create a flower garden in one corner or spread them around. The best Fall flowers to plant are garden mums, African daisies, Bidens, petunias, phlox, and Nemesia. Flowers are a quick and effortless way to liven up a Fall backyard.

Stone, Wood, or Sand Pathways

Pathways are a fun and sometimes adventurous thing to have in the backyard. Repurpose old wooden pallets and create a wooden walkway. Use stones to create a meandering walkway that can add depth to a yard or design a Zen Garden with sand and rake.

Whatever your plans are for creating the perfect backyard R & R Container Services can help with all your waste. Since 1999, R & R Container Service has provided residential, commercial, and industrial customers with superior, professional, and friendly roll off containers and waste management services. Call today for your free estimate at 770-975-9554.