How to Enjoy Fall in the Backyard

How to Enjoy Fall in the Backyard

How to enjoy fall in the backyard because it is just around the corner and for Georgians that means more time spent outside. A backyard is the perfect place to hold outdoor barbeques or to just sit and relax. A backyard is a place where people can spend time together, talk, and share their day.

Here are four Fall backyard ideas to utilize the space and make it more inviting.

How to enjoy fall in the backyard.  Image of a backyard with table, two chairs big green plants and flowers.

Select a Theme

A theme can give you the inspiration needed to design the perfect space.

A theme could be anything such as:

  • Beach
  • Color
  • Modern
  • Rustic
  • Period

A theme is helpful for keeping ideas organized. Remodeling and making improvement can be overwhelming, and a theme helps to minimize stress.

Select the Perfect Seating

If the backyard is going to be the “new” hangout place, select furniture that is comfortable, inviting and can seat everyone in the family. Canopies are great for casting shade when the sun is directly overhead. If you are on a budget, browse local thrift stores and yard sales for tables and chairs. Decorate the seating with pillows that pop with color. Refurbish tables with fun painting patterns or paint a checkerboard to encourage family game night.

Flower Power

Flowers are a source of beauty and can bring vibrant color into your backyard. Create a flower garden in one corner or spread them around. The best Fall flowers to plant are garden mums, African daisies, Bidens, petunias, phlox, and Nemesia. Flowers are a quick and effortless way to liven up a Fall backyard.

Stone, Wood, or Sand Pathways

Pathways are a fun and sometimes adventurous thing to have in the backyard. Repurpose old wooden pallets and create a wooden walkway. Use stones to create a meandering walkway that can add depth to a yard or design a Zen Garden with sand and rake.

Whatever your plans are for creating the perfect backyard R & R Container Services can help with all your waste. Since 1999, R & R Container Service has provided residential, commercial, and industrial customers with superior, professional, and friendly roll off containers and waste management services. Call today for your free estimate at 770-975-9554.

Downsizing to a Smaller Home

Downsizing to a Smaller Home?

Downsizing to a smaller home doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Follow these tips from R & R Container Services to help you declutter and fit everything into your new dwelling.

Downsizing to a Smaller Home. Image of a sign that says,

Start by Decluttering

If you have lived in the same home for many years, where you raised kids, you probably have saved boxes of artwork, report cards, photos, clothes, rooms full of furniture and a whole array of other things. The house, that at one time, did not seem big enough to accommodate everyone and everything, now seems massive with endless work and upkeep so you’ve made the decision to move. Now it’s time to start the decluttering process.

R and R Container Services has been helping people downsize their homes with roll-off containers for years. They offer containers in two different sizes to make the move as efficient as possible. Call today to finally get rid of all the stuff you have been collecting throughout the years.

Where Do You Begin?

Start with one room at a time and go through everything in that room.  Make piles such as a keep sakes, donations, and dumpster.  This way you don’t have to move everything to your new place and then sort it all out. You can take your time, be efficient and thorough.

Take Inventory of Your Keep Sakes

As you go through each room, take inventory of what you want to keep such as furniture, clothing, books, kid’s art projects, etc. This list will give you a good idea of what exactly you will be taking with you. For more tips visit A Blissful Nest. 

Rent a Roll-off Container

It is amazing, once you get started decluttering, how much trash can pile up – way too much for your regularly scheduled garbage pickup.  A roll-off container can be placed conveniently near a door or garage and easily hold everything you need to toss into it.

Are you looking to downsize or declutter your home and you need to rent a roll-off container? Call the office of R & R Container Services today at 770-975-9554 to learn more about their roll-off container rentals and how you can easily rent one. If you need help decluttering and downsizing your home, they are always here to help and give free estimates!


The History of the Roll-off Container

The History of the Roll-off Container

The history of the roll-off container started when humans began using more non-biodegradable items than biodegradable.  Items such as pottery, knives and furniture were either passed through the families, burned in fire pits or buried in burial grounds.  As civilization advanced, especially in major cities, non-biodegradables began littering the streets and the need for alternative waste disposal arose.  

The History of the Roll-off Container

Solid Waste Disposal Act (SWDA)

On October 20th, 1966, the SWDA became law. This was an effort to address the nations waste problems through research projects, investigations, experiments, training, demonstrations, surveys, and studies. Ten years after this law was passed it became obvious that it would not resolve the growing mountain of waste consuming the country.

The Industrial Age

Then came the Industrial Age.  Cities were booming and soon became overpopulated.  Waste filled the streets.  By the mid-1970s public waste management systems were put into effect, but the refuse was not taken to landfills or controlled areas.  It was dumped into places like the Thames River and Hudson Bay. 

Better Options for Garbage Removal

The first garbage trucks were large containers on wheels and pulled by horses.  Motorized vehicles weren’t evented until the early part of the 20th century.  But when they rolled off the assembly line, they were equipped with dumping levers and hydraulic compactors.  Thus began the era of the modern trash truck.

More Sophisticated Dumpsters

After World War II America saw a new boom.  Families began moving into urban cities and suddenly construction projects were popping up everywhere.   The need for better and more efficient dumpsters gave birth to the roll-off containers.

And Now You Know!

Just a short history lesson from our friends and R & R Containers Services.  Their history of service and growth throughout the years is just as impressive as the rise of the roll-off container.  They are a family owned business that operates on honesty, integrity, and prompt professional service.  They offer free estimates and quotes over the phone. 

Are you ready to start your next renovation or clean up project?  Call today (770) 975-9554 for your free estimate or to reserve a roll-off containers.  Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there!

Rent a Roll-off Container for Summer Projects

Rent a Roll-off Container for Summer Projects

Rent a roll-off container for summer projects to ensure the job is completed in a prompt manner.

Rent a Roll-off Container for Summer Projects.  Picture of a two story house with a ladder going to the roof.

Below are ways a roll-off container can help you with summer projects:

  • Home remolding
  • New construction
  • Garage decluttering
  • Spring cleaning
  • Yard Sale
  • Landscaping and/or tree removal

No Trips to the Landfill

Renting a roll-off container is easy when working with a family-owned business with decades of experience. Whether cleaning out the garage or finishing the basement R & R Container can help you remove clutter and construction debris from the property. It’s as easy as one phone call and will save you tedious trips to the landfill. 

Waste Will Be Deposed Properly

You would be amazed at the amount of waste even a small project can produce which can make an enormous impact on the environment. With a roll-off container rental, you are leaving the deposal to the professionals. With R & R Container Services you can rest assured that your waste will be responsibly managed.

Overall, a Roll-off Container Will Save You Money

No matter how you add it up, disposing of waste will always be less expensive and easier when renting a roll-off container. Putting yard waste and construction debris in your regular garbage cans can lead to steep fines. Renting a truck to haul materials to landfills and/or your local recycling center can cost you time and money – I’m sure you’ve been watching fuel prices skyrocket. A roll-off container rental is cost effective, as you are only paying for the space you use in the container.

Roll-off Container Rental Service Near You

Whether this is your first big project, or you are a pro, renting a roll-off container this summer can help you make the entire project run smoother and more efficiently.  R & R Container Services is here to help you every step of the way with the rental process. They will want to learn more about your project so that they can recommend the right size roll-off container for your needs. To get a free estimate or reserve your roll-off container today call 770-975-9554


#1 Roll-off Container Rental Acworth, GA

#1 Roll-Off Container Rental Acworth, GA

#1 roll-off container rental in Acworth, GA is R & R Roll-off Container Services.  A roll off dumpster is a large, open-top container that will haul construction material, household junk and other waste to local landfills or sorting facilities.  They are unsung heroes for keeping their charge contained until the job is completed.

#1 Roll-of Container Rental Acworth GA.  roll-off container placed on the grass at a new construction site.  It is a sunny day with a shade tree in the left corner.

Homes and businesses can take full advantage of roll-off dumpsters for cleaning out basements, attics, garages, yard-waste, DYI remodeling, roofing and siding materials and major construction projects.

With the click of a button or simple phone call, a roll off container service will deliver a dumpster to your home, place of business, or construction site. The container is rolled-off the back of the truck and placed in an accessible area.  When the clean-up is completed the container service will return, pick up the loaded dumpster and haul it off to the appropriate place.

Container sizes vary but standard measurements are:

  • 12 cubic yard container: 8 feet wide, 14 feet long and 3 feet tall
  • 15 cubic yard container: 8 feet wide, 14 feet long and 4 feet tall

A 12 cubic yard dumpster can hold the equivalent of 4 pick-up truck loads.   A 15 cubic yard dumpster can handle mid to large size construction projects or 2 to 3 tons.

Keep in mind that roll off container rental companies have a limited number of dumpsters on-hand, so it’s important to call at least a week in advance to ensure a container will be available when you need it.

Regardless of your needs; spring or fall cleaning, small remodeling project, building a patio or large commercial development, your job site will remain safer and cleaner with a roll-off container on hand to cater to the demand.  Thanks to roll-off containers, you will save time and effort and, perhaps, a good dose of sanity.

Located in Acworth, GA and serving the surrounding areas, R & R Container Services is proud to be a locally and family owned and operated company with customer satisfaction as their first and only priority.

They operate on the basis of honesty, integrity, and prompt, professional service. They gladly offer free, fast estimates and quotes over the phone.  Their dumpster and container rentals are top-notch because of the service and convenience they provide for each and every customer. Call today at 770-975-9554 to find out what makes them your first and last call for all your waste management, garbage, or refuse hauling needs.

Has Winter Weather Damaged Your Home?

Has Winter Weather Damaged Your Home?

Has winter weather damaged your home causing loose gutters, roof leaks, broken pipes and/or siding issues?  Here’s what to look for as Spring begins to blossom in beautiful Acworth, Georgia.  

Has winter weather damaged your home?  shingles on a roof missing and torn off.  

Loose Gutters

It only takes a little snow and freezing temperatures to form ice dams along the edge of your roof.  These dams can dislodge gutters and shingles.  Falling debris can crush gutters, sending  the flow of water under shingles instead of into the ground.  Carefully, examine your gutters for any damage to ensure they are working properly, especially as those Spring rains begin to fall. 

Roof leaks

Winter storms can damage a roof in different ways.  Hail and falling debris can damage shingles.  High winds can lift shingles or tear them right off of the roof. Heavy rains can cause water to pool, creating or worsening leaks.  Before a watermark begins to grow on your ceiling call a professional roofing company to give your roof a once over. 

Siding Damage

Severe cold weather, or extreme changes in temperature, can cause exterior paint to crack.  Water loves to find these tiny cracks and seep in between the siding and the paint.  Once this happens  the paint will begin to peel and mold will form.  Sealing the holes with water-proof paint stops further damage.  

Frozen pipes

When water freezes inside your pipes, the pipes expand and often crack.  The leak may be small at first but left untreated it will quickly grow until the pipe finally bursts, flooding your home.  If you have pipes that are exposed, wrapping them with heat tape will keep them from freezing. Shut off the water to any outside pipes that aren’t being used.  

If you do find you need to replace roofing, siding or flooring caused by winter storm damage, call your local roll-off container rental company.  They will be happy to provide you with the correct size roll-off container to meet your needs.  

R & R Container Services is a family owned and operated business that has been serving the Acworth, Ga area for years.  Call today to find out what makes them your first and last call for all your waste management, garbage, or refuse hauling needs.  770-975-9554